Developed Without Compromise

When Health is your top priority , natural food and products should be your preferred choice. Vedkraft is inspired by the ancient Indian Practice of eating fresh , healthy and natural foosds. We bring the best quality natural products sourced directly from our farms ,for the healthybuff in you.

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Benefitting Environment

Our products does not involve hazardous chemicals which are harmful to environment.

Scientific Products

By Buying our product you can save life of farmer , animals and our Plantation .

Cruelty Free

Dairy products extracted from animals are obtained cruelty free. Our animals are treated in good manner.

Benefiting To Customer

Just we are spending our time in saving your health get infused in chemical driven product.

Why Vedkraft Ghee?

Vedic ( Medicinal )

Incredibly nutritional with Several Healing Properties .

Ayurvedic ( Traditional )

Fresh, raw, unprocessed A2 milk is boiled and converted into curd in a clay pot and churned with ayurvedic tradition. We do not use plastic in any of our processes.

Desi Cow

Our cows produce pure A2 milk that is termed as the healthiest milk for human consumption.


Milk isn’t forced from the cows and is extracted only after the calf has had sufficient milk.

Hand Churned ( Bilona )

In order to churn the finest and purest ghee, our process involves fermenting 35 litres of A2 milk into curd, which is hand-churned and coalesced to finally make 1 litre of Liquid Gold.

A2 ( Grassfed )

No pesticides or chemical fertilizer used in the grass for feeding cows.

Truly Vedic

Truly Sustainable

With high – quality , organic ingredients , plastic free products , 100% recycled paper packaging & Zero plastic shipping , we,re committed to make your life truly Vedic and truly sustainable.

Truly Vedic

Ayurvedic Values

Products are created are being processed for the prescribed Ayurvedic procedures. No artificial or low quality or harmful products are mixed .

Farmers Gujarat

We are benefiting our farmers enough by narrowing the gap between the organic farmers and customers. To avail benefits to the farmers and customers get the pure organic product without any essence or chemical infused in it.

Gir Cow

By adopting of our indigenious breed such as kankrej , gir we are making our agriculture completely urea free by using Bos Indicus By Products

Agricultural Land

Our farms are a testimony to our goal of providing pure organic products and are nestled in the lap of nature.