About Us

About Vedkraft

With a very noble & dedicated cause to rehabilitate Indian cows at farm, to make Indian agriculture chemical free by using Gobar(cow dung) and Gomutra(cow urine), thereby making dedicated efforts to eradicate death causing illness and moving towards precious wellness of the society at large.

Vedkraft deals in organically processing, i.e. using environment-friendly and animal-friendly methods to process the farm products into daily routine essentials ranging from organic ghee to organic household products & medicines and then supplying them largely to the urban world that is surrounded with adulterated consumables.

The project is inspired by Vaghbhata & Rajiv Dixit, a great revolutionist in the field of ayurveda and organic products. We have huge quantity of Gomutra, Gobber to make Indian agriculture chemical free 100% organic. With this we develop the other ranges of organic household things and medicine.

Our Vission

Our key motto behind this initiative is to promote cow centric economical development of villages. We all are aiming towards restricting GO-VADH, improve farm health by adopting chemical free practice of farming, control ecological environmental balance and thus, enrich human health sustainably.
Sustainable efforts to make agriculture chemical free, economically viable, ecologically enrich, using Gobar – Gomutra based bio fertilizer, bio pesticides,nadep , jeevamrut , non GMO & hybrid seeds thereby improving farm life, farmer life and human life.

Our Mission

To improve annual income of farmer in agriculture and GOPALAN, to reduce medical bill on human health by providing trustworthy, hygienic, chemical free food products, to improve environment, bio diversity of indigenous Flora & Fauna of India.

Developing Farmers

Organic farming practices and food demand is growing rapidly since last couple of years internationally. An accelerative increasing trend of annual growth provides emerging opportunities in this sector.

The centre and state Governments have also been promoting this segment to reduce subsidy bill, to protect environment from chemical pollution, to save ground water level, to stop farmer suicides, to increase employment opportunities in villages in order to decrease unplanned urbanization etc. Thus, Vedkraft was formed to convert more farmers in organic farming.

With a strict focus on quality and consistency, we assure that highest quality of organic Products are available to the consumers

We commit to the health safety to the three core mottos that makes a healthy nation:

Protection of The Indian Cows

Protection of The Indian Farmers

Protection of The Society at Large

Through ensuring food safety of all of the above, we aim for a “Healthier” Lifestyle by providing healthier food options to the consumers and thus nurturing the planet by reducing use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

What Our Custumers Says ?