Nasya Ayurveda

A perfect starting point for all your problem from throat to hair . You can be your own doctor .

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Nasya Ayurveda !!!

Is an Ayurvedic term, a procedure followed for disorders related to migraine, throat, nose, ear, sinusitis , cough & cold , hair and any other organ above the neck. Ayurveda purifies these organs and removes vitiated doshas through the nasal openings.

Nasya Ayurveda !!!

Plastic Free


Toxin Free

Cruelty Free

Nasya Timing for Three Dosha’s:

Depending on your vikruti or imbalances (Dosha imbalances) chose the right time

To Balance Vata Dosha : Evening 

To Balance Pitta Dosha: Noon

To Balance Kapha Dosha: Morning

Administer Nasya ghrita hour after shower or bath.

What are the Benefits of Nasya Ayurveda ?

Benefits of Nasya treatment:

There are numerous benefits of nasya treatment, some of the notables ones include:

Apart from the above mentioned benefits Nasya as a Daily Routine can relieve you from

  • 1. Hoarseness of voice and stuttering or slurred speech
  • 2. Stiffness in the head, neck, throat, teeth and jaw area (TMJ) or dust allergy
  • 3. Headaches and migraines
  • 4. Earaches and any pain in nose and throat
  • 5. Known to improve conditions such as Rhinitis (runny nose)
  • 6. Relieve mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear , negativity and depression
  • 7. Positively impact higher cerebral and sensory organs (eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue)
  • 8. Neuro muscular conditions , Dissolves blood clots in brain .
  • 10. Prevents loose teeth, gingivitis and diseases of the oral cavity.
  • 11. Reduces Insomnia
  • 12. Highly useful in epilepsy . Its prolonged use cures the disease .
  • 13. It develops and strengthens the shoulders, chest, skin, and neck.
  • 14. The sensory organs become much stronger after nasya therapy of 3-4 weeks.
  • 15. Any person witnessing grey hair can get rid of it with regular nasya treatment.
  • 16. Nasal medication also strengthens the visual site of a person.
  • 17 Strengthening the hair as well as prevent white/grey hair
  • 18 Firming veins, joints, tendons, and ligaments of the neck
  • 19 Reduces the chances of eye disorders due to old age

How to do Nasya Treatment:

Self-administration of Nasya at Home


Comfortably lie down on your back and tilting your head back. Use a pillow under the neck only and tilt the head down (backwards – looking up on the ceiling). Or if you are lying on a bed, you may hang your head off the edge of the bed.

Each Drops Count

Place 3-5 drops of either Dosha Ghrita in each nostril. Apply or administer drop by drop in order to absorb the oil through the nostril better. Massage in circular motion the outside perimeter of the nostril to ensure drops go down the nasal passage.
Nasya will not block air or breathing, or disturb sleep on the contrary it will clear the nasal passage and make one feel more energetic. Do not overdo Nasya .


Breath in with light force and then rest for 15 minus to 30 minus allowing the ghrita to penetrate.

Contraindication of Nasya:

Do not apply Ghrita under following circumstances

  • 1. When bleeding
  • 2. Suffering from acute health conditions, infectious disease, and fever
  • 3. Immediately before or right after food or drinking
  • 4. During any attacks – heart attacks, asthma attacks, or any pain condition
  • 5. It is not recommended to apply nasya ghrita immediately after the neti pot. It is wise to consult with a practitioner or wait at least a day after washing with neti pot, to ensure full drainage of the saline water, and then administer Nasya.
  • 6. Avoid administrating Nasya ghrita during pregnancy, and menstruation.