Sandalwood Besan Haldi

A perfect starting point.

A bar each from our range of body bars gives you and your loved ones yet another reason to end the toxic relationship with harsh chemicals.

Tripplet !!!

The Pack contains 300 antioxidants which makes it a powerful healer , this powerpack reduce sign of aging , exfoliate dead skin & ease eczema . Due to many anti properties it is also bad for removing oily skin , black dots , acne .

Rest giving you glowing skin , naturally moisturize & prevents skin from ulta- violet light .

It’s worth it .

Duet Power !!!

Palm Oil Free

Plastic Free

Cold Press

Toxin Free


Cruelty Free

the goods that

make it great

Antibacterial , Remove Aging of skin Acne , Sunburn , Skin Lightening

Tan Removal , Reduce Oiliness , Anti Pimples , Anti Ageing.

Anti-inflammatory properties works on pores , calm the skin , reduce scars

Curing major Skin Problems


Why this soap is consider the best ever ?

With the ph value of above 9 and positive test of betadine it is consider best ever soap . Another test you can do at your home is to take a glass of water and dissolve the soap after some time you will see that chemical soap get dissolve very fast on the opposite vedic soap dissolve slowly

How to get most of your body bar ?

After using the soap just keep it in dry place or in sunlight for more usage of soap .

what’s in it for you

Anti Properties

is effective in the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin

Fights Free Radical

rich in omega 3 which help reduce inflammation, fights free radicals, signs of aging.

Anti Properties

It has antibacterial , anti fungal & anti inflammatory properties .The lauric , capric and caprylic acid within the soap are credited with many of these benefits .

Truly Vedic

Truly Sustainable

With high – quality , organic ingredients , plastic free products , 100% recycled paper packaging & Zero plastic shipping , we,re committed to make your life truly Vedic and truly sustainable.